I will "Almond Tree" it!

Without a cultural context, we sometimes miss the full meaning of a phrase spoken in a culture or language not our own, even when translating it into one's native language. In an introduction to TED Summit 2016, TED translators mention a few idioms used throughout the world.

But there is no cow on the ice! (Danish idiom meaning: "No problem!)

Lost in Translation?

The main reason we started this Almond Watch blog? We wanted to explore the Nature of God by looking at the cultural context of His Word as well as the time and language in which it was written. When we read Jeremiah 1:11-12 in English from a 21st Century perspective, we see that God is making a point of showing Jeremiah the branch of an almond tree and then telling him that He's watching to see that His word is fulfilled. But what, exactly, is that point? And what do almonds have to do with it?

This is explained more fully in a related post (See "He Has a Sense of Humor"). Almond Watch explores God's word in context - in terms of culture, language, and time. Without that context, we miss so much!

So subscribe below to join us on this expedition. We promise "not to put clothes on our teeth" (Japanese idiom) - in English, we promise to tell it like it is!